An Idiot


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  1. Posted by elizabethwyton, — Reply

    This is so funny but also makes me question about the earth? 🤔(edit: thank you everybody for the likes and if your reading this I hope you have a great day or night)

  2. Posted by circle_of_ice, — Reply

    If you’re a dude with a super buff arm, and you punch yourself in the nuts, then CONGRATULATIONS. You’re simultaneously strong, weak, and an idiot.

  3. Posted by alexnightshade3, — Reply

    I would say the same as Shawn to be honest! But is that Taylor Swift? But touché Shawn touchè....I would say a douchbag though...Wait! Is that Demi Lovato?! Dam...some of my favourite singers of all time....

  4. Posted by teaganandgabby, — Reply

    I’d say strong because it takes a lot of willpower and or stupidity to punch yourself enough that it hurts. And getting punched and it hurting isn’t weak, punching yourself as hard as you can and it not hurting is weak😂🥴

  5. Posted by rachealfolkerts, — Reply

    Once I punched myself in the nose to see if how I was punching is right. It was. My nose started bleeding

  6. Posted by bayleighgc, — Reply

    I agree with Shawn 😁

  7. Posted by Badass_Queen, — Reply

    If you punch yourself and it hurts your strong physically weak mentally and an idiot emotionally

  8. Posted by Sky_RavenclawQueen, — Reply

    What. An. Idiot! -Hermione Granger spoken like a legend

  9. Posted by ember_nyx, — Reply

    Shawn xD

  10. Posted by liansongtheavenger, — Reply

    One of my first thoughts was: Is that Taylor Swift?😂

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