Bibingka – Filipino Coconut Cake


My favorite Filipino dessert by far is Bigingka. It’s a thin, unfrosted cake made with sweet rice flour and cream of coconut.


  1. Posted by tan4cm, — Reply

    Made this and put it in one 9x13 and one 8x8 pan and came out picture perfect. Couldn’t find cream of coconut, so used coconut cream

  2. Posted by jdpeders, — Reply

    I thought this turned out great. Ingredients are at the bottom of the description of the dessert.

  3. Posted by clseear7, — Reply

    Do you have to use sweet rice flavor for this recipe?

  4. Posted by braelynrenae, — Reply

    Yummy! 😋

  5. Posted by avilao, — Reply

    No ingredients for recipe

  6. Posted by gracemdaquila, — Reply

    Enjoy and thank you !😋😊

  7. Posted by kidwig, — Reply

    M mm

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